On An Island


WP_20170501_017On an island

No one else here

Thoughts of my own

Small waves

Still clouds drift by

Coconuts in tree

School of fish

Salty water

Calming the stomach

Still the sun sets

Lots of sand

Message bottles float on

Warmth from fire

Surviving on

Still the moon glows

Many leaves

Birds fly

Walks in circles

Sleeping without a blanket

Still the stars are bright

Waiting for help

Still time goes on

Photos taken by me

A Red Bull

Traveling with a red bull

Mind and body

Becoming vitalized

Tripping acid and

Seeing things

Flying high

Orange sky

Fluffy clouds

Magical birds

Invisible planes

Up in space

Red moons

Green stars

Uranus standing still

Metallic milky way

Going down

Quiet ground

Flowers dance

Roads are blue

Streetlights play daft punk

Start walking again

Thrill has come to an end