Becoming a Wolf In a Lions Den on Wall Street

(That Which is) To Herself

I have become like a wolf on Wall Street. I seek stories with unquenchable thirst, rather than deals.

Showing up to a company party in The Trump Building on Wall Street, it unexpectedly ends up being an intimate gathering between coworkers.

Clearly I don’t belong here, but luckily as a journalist I always belong, I always have opportunity with the power of a pen.

Cutting through the fog of internal discomfort is enabled by a goal, to explore the folks of NYC in their habitats. Conveniently, here I am in the ferocious territory of the wolves, I can’t let this one pass me by.

I’m feeling uncomfortable at first being one of the only girls, not to mention the only person who does not work on at this company. Yet my curiosity takes over and I inquire about their workday. Through being a journalist I can become a part of…

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Dear Humanity, Have a Voice For Me

(That Which is) To Herself

Dear Humanity,

It has been long told that a woman’s dress does not reflect her desire or consent to engage in physical touch or anything beyond this point. Much has been said about the foul and rotten men that violate, trample on, and extort consent to touch. These men attempt to conjure connection and touch despite the obvious unpleasant and uncomfortable reaction that is clearly etched upon the victim’s face. Though at times, even to the trained viewer and purposeful observer, the desire of the victim in question can be elusive. For women, as well as men, have been trained to be polite and socially agreeable. As an example, being polite means smiling when someone says something stupid or not funny. The programing for this has long been developed in early childhood. Simultaneously, children are taught not to talk to strangers. However, when one becomes an adult and more comfortable…

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ChinHooi Ng's Poetic Notes

The wind in the forest
trees swaying all happiness
the clear crisp sound
is their beautiful voice
it’s such a beautiful picture
birds cheering happily
a nice afternoon
the rising sunlight
stippling the entire forest
and the upcoming twilight
will bring a trace of
it’s changing
little by little
i am a stranger seeing
with stranger’s eyes and mentality
the most familiar view
of the mountain and
it’s good to go through it
and wander
in its mind.

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Stay Happy!

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

“Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if he deserves it…Don’t allow his anger to become your anger.”  ― Bohdi Sanders

A simple suggestion. When you feel anger don’t block it as a bad emotion,instead try to take it out in a healthy way like screaming, sports, or just hitting a pillow. All emotions have a natural place and when expressed are perfectly healthy,but if you stifle the anger it becomes rage. Forgive others for hurting you, do it for yourself because anger and grief that kept inside create diseases. So stay happy as you are which is your true nature!

“Angry people want you to see how powerful they are… loving people want you to see how powerful You are.” ― Chief Red Eagle


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