Paint A Picture

Paint a picture

In the sky

Double rainbow

Colors so nice

Look around

The sun

So big

Head outside

Fresh air

From one end to the other

Pink sky

Like cotton candy


On the grass

By a tree

At nighttime


Shining bright

It’s peaceful

Enjoy the view




For everyone

Photos taken by me


On An Island


WP_20170501_017On an island

No one else here

Thoughts of my own

Small waves

Still clouds drift by

Coconuts in tree

School of fish

Salty water

Calming the stomach

Still the sun sets

Lots of sand

Message bottles float on

Warmth from fire

Surviving on

Still the moon glows

Many leaves

Birds fly

Walks in circles

Sleeping without a blanket

Still the stars are bright

Waiting for help

Still time goes on

Photos taken by me

A Red Bull

Traveling with a red bull

Mind and body

Becoming vitalized

Tripping acid and

Seeing things

Flying high

Orange sky

Fluffy clouds

Magical birds

Invisible planes

Up in space

Red moons

Green stars

Uranus standing still

Metallic milky way

Going down

Quiet ground

Flowers dance

Roads are blue

Streetlights play daft punk

Start walking again

Thrill has come to an end

Drink It Up


Heineken in the hand

A bit cold

Drink it up

It goes down

Weird feelings

Your in the air in imagination

Clouds of many colors

Raining mercury

Eyes looking around

While calm music is playing

Wandering through a jungle

Cheetahs sleeping peacefully

A rhythm is flowing like a river

You dance to it

Happiness is on you

Face on the carpet

Waking up

Memory blank

Bed calls

Sleep till dawn

Photos taken by me

Take A Chance

Fear in your body

Heart beating

Pawn hasn’t been moved

It waits for you to strike

Take a chance

Walking on the road

To a beautiful garden and happy sun or

A scary cave full of monsters

Step forward with your feet

Take a chance


Knocking on your door

The voice of worry whispers in your ear

Heed it’s words

Take a chance

Before the darkness will fall

Stand tall

Take a chance

Photos taken by me

Dear Humanity, Have a Voice For Me

(That Which is) To Herself

Dear Humanity,

It has been long told that a woman’s dress does not reflect her desire or consent to engage in physical touch or anything beyond this point. Much has been said about the foul and rotten men that violate, trample on, and extort consent to touch. These men attempt to conjure connection and touch despite the obvious unpleasant and uncomfortable reaction that is clearly etched upon the victim’s face. Though at times, even to the trained viewer and purposeful observer, the desire of the victim in question can be elusive. For women, as well as men, have been trained to be polite and socially agreeable. As an example, being polite means smiling when someone says something stupid or not funny. The programing for this has long been developed in early childhood. Simultaneously, children are taught not to talk to strangers. However, when one becomes an adult and more comfortable…

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Rainy Day Mushroom

Red grass growing

Flowers speak of peace

Stones in the water flowing upstream

The trees whistle calming tunes

While scents fill the air

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

The wolf tiger stares at the pink sky

No fear shows on it’s face

It then walks the soothing garden

White apples grow there and purple pears too

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

Blue acid drips from the sky

It brings a psychedelic fog

Jupiter is close by

It’s red eye is watching us and

The doves that fly by

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

I sit on the ground

Searching for inner peace

While my body drifts into a mellow state

A mushroom is next to me

I say to it

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

Watching The View

Sitting here outside watch the view

It’s calm

A light wind in the air

The sun is out

It is shining over the water

Sitting here outside watch the view

Letting the mind relax a bit

Letting the body rest

Seeing seagulls fly by

Enjoying the fresh air

Sitting here outside watch the view

Taking some time during the day

Maybe waiting to catch the sunset

Maybe thoughts will come and

Things will be realized

Sitting here outside watch the view

It’s peaceful and quiet here

Let yourself flow free

Photos taken by me