Outer Space

There is a place

Way up high called outer space

If you’ll be flying then how you travel is something to care

A space shuttle will get you there

Earth is our home

A place where we can roam

People might use a telescope to see the stars

Their might be alien life on mars

Jupiter has a great red spot

Pluto was a planet but now it’s not

There are comets see

One of them is named Hailey

Saturn and it’s rings are nice I say

Past the planets is the milky way

Out there it’s a different kind of view

Who knows the next person on the moon could be you


A view from Manhattan

Manhattan is place in New York you might wanna see

The home NBC

NBC makes plenty of shows

One day you might host snl who knows

This city is a great sight

Sometimes the empire state building lights up at night

By the freedom towers you see

Happened the attack on 9/11 and lives were lost during this tragedy

In Central Park find strawberry fields one of many spots there to go

Dedicated in memory of John Lennon husband of Yoko Ono

If you want see art at the moma it’s up to you

Who knows you may learn something new

If your on 42st you can see a Broadway show

If you want one day go there by yourself or with people you know


A place where you can have fun

And where you can see the sun

In this place you can have no war and hate

And you can never be late

A place where you can have anyone for love

And you can see any animal like a dove

A place where you can have so many friends

And you won’t need to follow any trends

This place is a great sensation

It’s called your imagination

This place isn’t hard to find

To get there just use your mind