A Red Bull

Traveling with a red bull

Mind and body

Becoming vitalized

Tripping acid and

Seeing things

Flying high

Orange sky

Fluffy clouds

Magical birds

Invisible planes

Up in space

Red moons

Green stars

Uranus standing still

Metallic milky way

Going down

Quiet ground

Flowers dance

Roads are blue

Streetlights play daft punk

Start walking again

Thrill has come to an end

A Werewolf

In the cabin

I sit on a chair

Watch tv


Tingles felt in my body

My mind starts going crazy

I can not take it anymore

I run outside to the forest

It is a clear night

A full moon in the sky


I start growing hair all over

My body starts changing

Fangs growing in my mouth

My clothes rip

I howl at the moon

Then I start running

While I run I growl here and there

Then I start searching for humans to prey on

For I have become a werewolf