The Psychedelic Rainbow

Walking through the rainbow

Seeing such great things

In the red hearts are beating and love is in the air

In the orange a flame brings warmth to people

While they eat oranges with a dash of saffron

In the yellow bananas are hanging on trees and

Sunflowers to the east

In the green the grass is growing and

Frogs are hopping

In the blue fish are swimming in the ocean

Eating blueberries

In the indigo the indigo bird and the eastern indigo snake

Wander through the forest

In the violet violets and lilacs are in bloom

With beauty

Each part is unique

Together they create an amazing wonder

Photos taken by me


There are many colors out there

You can find them anywhere

You might see more than one

But you’ll never see anything with none

You can mix two or more

And make colors that you have probably never seen before

You can find red in blood

And brown in mud

You can find green on a tree

And blue in the sea

You’ll see clouds that are grey

Or the sun that is yellow and bright during the day

Colors can bring wonder and/or beauty

So try to enjoy every color that you see