Destruction will come if evil is done with others or alone

Destruction will come if you don’t change your evil ways

Destruction will come if you allow evil to take over your body

Destruction of the world might be our fate if we continue to ignore problems

Causing destruction towards others will cause destruction to yourself as well

The Demon Of The Dark World

In an unknown place

I sit in my throne

Talking to my army of monsters

Telling them how planet earth

Will be mine

That I will give the humans a choice

Either they join my army and become one of us or

If they choose to go against me they will

Suffer so much

I have arrived with my army

I tell the humans

You might not survive me and

I tell them the choices they have

I then give a demonstration of

My powers

Each monster in my army has a dark mystic katana and

Powers as well

The humans start getting scared

Their armies start attacking

So I send my army to attack and

Then I say

Your weapons are useless against us

Total evil and darkness will come to this world

For I fear no one

For I am the demon of the dark world