The Epic Battle

I am a knight feeling brave

I but a beast subjected to a forsaken cave

With my sword I prepare for a fight

Man the species that only cares to show their might through sprite

I travel down a long path

They persist to provoke my wrath

With every step my heart beats

I smell his fear and sweet defeat

When I approached it was a big sight

It was clear it was clear it was I who possessed the might

I drew out my sword for war

A pitiful show of strength I’d seen too many times before

It started to breathe fire towards me

The fool thought I would leave him be

I dodged it and started running towards the beast

Tonight enemy blood would be my feast

I jumped up and slayed it’s head

Knight prevails and children abed but not a poor thought given to the dragon that lays dead

Here is a though we send

All we know is a time of victorious heroes and fallen foes but perhaps a fallen foe could have become a friend if these tales were not destined for such a generic end

Done by: Aaron the jewish dude and LOTRLOVER