The Mystical Mind

Inside the mystical mind

It’s part grey

Trees with no leaves

Speaking in scariness

A wind from the east

Brings a haunting chill

You could almost hear a voice

Crying out for help

The other part is orange

Flowers with happy smiles

Calmness fills the air while

The harp plays it’s music

The soul attempts to clear the grey and hopefully succeeds

Photos taken by me


There are many colors out there

You can find them anywhere

You might see more than one

But you’ll never see anything with none

You can mix two or more

And make colors that you have probably never seen before

You can find red in blood

And brown in mud

You can find green on a tree

And blue in the sea

You’ll see clouds that are grey

Or the sun that is yellow and bright during the day

Colors can bring wonder and/or beauty

So try to enjoy every color that you see