The Demon Of The Dark World

In an unknown place

I sit in my throne

Talking to my army of monsters

Telling them how planet earth

Will be mine

That I will give the humans a choice

Either they join my army and become one of us or

If they choose to go against me they will

Suffer so much

I have arrived with my army

I tell the humans

You might not survive me and

I tell them the choices they have

I then give a demonstration of

My powers

Each monster in my army has a dark mystic katana and

Powers as well

The humans start getting scared

Their armies start attacking

So I send my army to attack and

Then I say

Your weapons are useless against us

Total evil and darkness will come to this world

For I fear no one

For I am the demon of the dark world

A Werewolf

In the cabin

I sit on a chair

Watch tv


Tingles felt in my body

My mind starts going crazy

I can not take it anymore

I run outside to the forest

It is a clear night

A full moon in the sky


I start growing hair all over

My body starts changing

Fangs growing in my mouth

My clothes rip

I howl at the moon

Then I start running

While I run I growl here and there

Then I start searching for humans to prey on

For I have become a werewolf