A Perfect Picture

Paint the world

With peace

We are the



Draw the world

With happiness

We are the



Color the world

With love

We are the



Together we can make the world a perfect picture

(Photos taken by me)


No More

No more running



Stand tall

Fight it

No more games



Play time


No more wasting

Time flies

Planets orbit

Hearts beat

Do better things

No more wildness

Self control


Right mindset

Take action

No more destroying life

Save it

(photos taken by me)

Take A Chance

Fear in your body

Heart beating

Pawn hasn’t been moved

It waits for you to strike

Take a chance

Walking on the road

To a beautiful garden and happy sun or

A scary cave full of monsters

Step forward with your feet

Take a chance


Knocking on your door

The voice of worry whispers in your ear

Heed it’s words

Take a chance

Before the darkness will fall

Stand tall

Take a chance

Photos taken by me

A Better World

Plant seeds and let it grow love

Let it blossom like a flower

Remove all the weeds of hate

In our garden called earth

Let the rain of goodness

Put out the fire of evil

Every drop will make

A beautiful waterfall on earth

Let us breathe in peace and happiness

Remove all of the carbon dioxide of war


Weapons and sadness in this body called earth

Let minds soar high with positivity

Instead of staying on the ground

With negativity

In this place called earth

Lets make a better world

For everyone

Photos taken by me

Tomorrow Is Another Day

You’ve been lost all day

Mistakes being made

Wanting time to go faster and

The day to end

Don’t worry tomorrow is another day

Rain has been pouring all day

Wonder when something good will come

Feeling upset and


Don’t worry tomorrow is another day

For tomorrow good things can happen

A smile can appear and

You’ll never want the day to end or

Want more

For tomorrow is another day

A Race

We’re all in this race called

The human race

The whole world is competing

If you think by getting rid of everyone else that you’ll win or

Passing by the ones who can’t move or keep on moving then your wrong

Because in reality you lose

The only way to win is

If everyone crosses the finish line together

Full of peace

Love and


Until then the race goes on to make the world a better place

Real World

Welcome to the real world

Where things aren’t always what you imagined and

Many things aren’t free

They must be earned we hard work and determination

It’s full of hate



Hurt and

Sadness but

It’s also full of


Love and


No ticket needed for this ride

No age or height requirement

During the ride you’ll be going up


In loops

Sideways and

All around

No matter what you should keep on ridingĀ  because

Once the ride stops

You can never ride again

Over And Over

Over and over

Making the same mistakes

Already knowing that history repeats itself but keep on making them

Like a student repeating a class

Like a smoker who’s knows that cigarettes are bad but still puffs away

Over and over

Doing the same bad thing

Always falling for the trap like a mouse

Being underwater wanting to get to the surface

Being on the ground wanting to fly up high

Over and over

It happens

Yet watching the world go by

Haven’t pressed the repeat button so it turns off

The songs of mistakes keeps on playing

Over and over


The alarm in the mind goes off but

The snooze button keeps on getting pressed

Still continuing on sleeping

One day waking up from the nightmares of mistakes and doing better in reality