A Perfect Picture

Paint the world

With peace

We are the



Draw the world

With happiness

We are the



Color the world

With love

We are the



Together we can make the world a perfect picture

(Photos taken by me)


A Better World

Plant seeds and let it grow love

Let it blossom like a flower

Remove all the weeds of hate

In our garden called earth

Let the rain of goodness

Put out the fire of evil

Every drop will make

A beautiful waterfall on earth

Let us breathe in peace and happiness

Remove all of the carbon dioxide of war


Weapons and sadness in this body called earth

Let minds soar high with positivity

Instead of staying on the ground

With negativity

In this place called earth

Lets make a better world

For everyone

Photos taken by me

A Race

We’re all in this race called

The human race

The whole world is competing

If you think by getting rid of everyone else that you’ll win or

Passing by the ones who can’t move or keep on moving then your wrong

Because in reality you lose

The only way to win is

If everyone crosses the finish line together

Full of peace

Love and


Until then the race goes on to make the world a better place

She’s Now A Flower

She started as a seed

As she got older and grew

She was watered with love, care and shelter

She was given the light of knowledge and not kept in the dark

She has blossomed

She is now a flower

Glowing with beauty from inside and out

Letting the world see who she is

Though she’s not like the other flowers

She’s unique in her own way and always being herself

Though a lot goes on in the world

She will try to make someone happy

She will wither away one day but

Hopefully living a long life


Find good things that happened during your day

Find a light through the darkness

Find the sunshine through the clouds

Find a rainbow through the rain

Find your way through obstacles

Find a star and shine just like it

Find out what your problems are and solve them

Find the path you want to take

Find people who accept you for who you are

Find love from family and that special someone

You will never know what you will find

It might be hard to find or

Take awhile to find but

Eventually you will find what you are looking for

All you have to do search to find it


Love is something you feel

Hopefully your love for someone is real

You feel it from inside

It’s something you shouldn’t hide

Holding hands is a nice sight

Hopefully your treating the one you love right

Cheating is so wrong

If you don’t want to be with that person then let that person go and move on

When you cheat someone might get hurt

Because you don’t care for your love and decide to flirt

Being so rich, strong, smart and having good looks isn’t everything in love see

What should matter first when being with someone is their personality

When your love is having trouble you do the best you can to help and be there

It’s one way of showing you care

If you like someone you have a chance

To tell that person how you feel before that person finds their own romance

Peace, Love and Happiness

I hate war it’s not right

Why do people have to fight

All these weapons like a gun

Why do people need one?

Get rid of all the weapons so there is no more

And hopefully there is no more violence and war

Don’t think your better because of how rich you are, your gender and/or race

We are all human in this place

In this world it’s the things we do

That might affect me and/or you

Peace, love and happiness in this world would be great

Hopefully we can achieve them it’s not too late