The Epic Battle

I am a knight feeling brave

I but a beast subjected to a forsaken cave

With my sword I prepare for a fight

Man the species that only cares to show their might through sprite

I travel down a long path

They persist to provoke my wrath

With every step my heart beats

I smell his fear and sweet defeat

When I approached it was a big sight

It was clear it was clear it was I who possessed the might

I drew out my sword for war

A pitiful show of strength I’d seen too many times before

It started to breathe fire towards me

The fool thought I would leave him be

I dodged it and started running towards the beast

Tonight enemy blood would be my feast

I jumped up and slayed it’s head

Knight prevails and children abed but not a poor thought given to the dragon that lays dead

Here is a though we send

All we know is a time of victorious heroes and fallen foes but perhaps a fallen foe could have become a friend if these tales were not destined for such a generic end

Done by: Aaron the jewish dude and LOTRLOVER

Down The Path

I think I’ve lost my way

I think I took a wrong path

As I walk down this long road

Clouds start to form

The sky becomes grey

Thunder starts to rumble

I hear noises from each side

Something from behind me

Starts to chase me

Feeling very scared

I start running away

It is getting closer and closer

Suddenly I see clear skies ahead and

Whatever was behind me is now gone

I don’t need to be scared anymore

So I continue walking on my way

Knowing now that I have to face

Whatever comes my way no matter what

Until I complete my journey


Find good things that happened during your day

Find a light through the darkness

Find the sunshine through the clouds

Find a rainbow through the rain

Find your way through obstacles

Find a star and shine just like it

Find out what your problems are and solve them

Find the path you want to take

Find people who accept you for who you are

Find love from family and that special someone

You will never know what you will find

It might be hard to find or

Take awhile to find but

Eventually you will find what you are looking for

All you have to do search to find it