In The Ocean

In the ocean

Orange rocks

A school of rainbow fish


On the other side

Blue sea urchins

Purple crabs



Further north

White corals

A grey octopus


Green ink

To the east

Yellow kelp

Red sharks

Sharp teeth

Hunting for food

In a place of wonder


A Red Bull

Traveling with a red bull

Mind and body

Becoming vitalized

Tripping acid and

Seeing things

Flying high

Orange sky

Fluffy clouds

Magical birds

Invisible planes

Up in space

Red moons

Green stars

Uranus standing still

Metallic milky way

Going down

Quiet ground

Flowers dance

Roads are blue

Streetlights play daft punk

Start walking again

Thrill has come to an end

Drink It Up


Heineken in the hand

A bit cold

Drink it up

It goes down

Weird feelings

Your in the air in imagination

Clouds of many colors

Raining mercury

Eyes looking around

While calm music is playing

Wandering through a jungle

Cheetahs sleeping peacefully

A rhythm is flowing like a river

You dance to it

Happiness is on you

Face on the carpet

Waking up

Memory blank

Bed calls

Sleep till dawn

Photos taken by me

Rainy Day Mushroom

Red grass growing

Flowers speak of peace

Stones in the water flowing upstream

The trees whistle calming tunes

While scents fill the air

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

The wolf tiger stares at the pink sky

No fear shows on it’s face

It then walks the soothing garden

White apples grow there and purple pears too

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

Blue acid drips from the sky

It brings a psychedelic fog

Jupiter is close by

It’s red eye is watching us and

The doves that fly by

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

I sit on the ground

Searching for inner peace

While my body drifts into a mellow state

A mushroom is next to me

I say to it

It’s a rainy day mushroom in my mind

The Mystical Mind

Inside the mystical mind

It’s part grey

Trees with no leaves

Speaking in scariness

A wind from the east

Brings a haunting chill

You could almost hear a voice

Crying out for help

The other part is orange

Flowers with happy smiles

Calmness fills the air while

The harp plays it’s music

The soul attempts to clear the grey and hopefully succeeds

Photos taken by me

A Psychedelic Place

I was in a place

Where the sky was pink

The sun had a smile

Walking along

Half rose and half daisy flowers were blooming

I passed by a rainbow river and

Started to talk to the rocks

About filling the mind with calmness

Eventually I sit under a tree

My body feels like it’s moving

Though I am still like a wall

Any negativity in me

flies out into the milky way

Never to return

I am free and happy