Summer In My Mind

Bitter cold winds blow

The temperature is not high

Gloves being seen on hands

People looking for warmth

While I have summer in my mind

Sweaters of wool

Heavy snow falling

Watching out for ice

Boots the right size

While I have summer in my mind

A comfy blanket

Putting the heat up

Sweatpants in the house

Coats zippered up

While I have summer in my mind

Beaches and sand

Vanilla ice cream

Swimming in the water

Riding the ferris wheel

Because I have summer in my mind


A Summer Day

The sun is out

Warm weather

Picnic in the park

Going to the pool


Probably getting a tan

Going to an amusement park


Ferris wheel

Bumper cars

Water rides

Going to a baseball game

Barbecuing on the grill

Air conditioner on

Having ice cream


Cold drinks

A long day

Calm night