An Autumn Walk

Lets find a

Leafy colorful afternoon

to take a walk

Don’t say

You don’t have the time

Lets find a

Cozy grove at the end of the road

With a park bench to sit on

Where there’s a beautiful mood

The soft warm sun and cerulean skies

Won’t wait for you

Neither will the wind stop for awhile

The birds chirp melodies

Above our heads

Watch them fly

Going here and there

In the blue sky

We can see kids

Playing around

Having fun

Being happy

Enjoying their youth

It’s not dark yet

We can stay even then

Though a light chill

We are warm

Lets smile

Find some peace

Let our bodies relax

Drift in calmness

Lets take a walk

Nothing to do with duties

Just talk about this vivid

Delightful scenery



Done by me and ChinHooi

To see his work check out:

Pictures taken by me


Down The Path

I think I’ve lost my way

I think I took a wrong path

As I walk down this long road

Clouds start to form

The sky becomes grey

Thunder starts to rumble

I hear noises from each side

Something from behind me

Starts to chase me

Feeling very scared

I start running away

It is getting closer and closer

Suddenly I see clear skies ahead and

Whatever was behind me is now gone

I don’t need to be scared anymore

So I continue walking on my way

Knowing now that I have to face

Whatever comes my way no matter what

Until I complete my journey

A Vampire’s Prey

A calm night

A man and a woman

Holding hands

At the beach

Walking on the sand


They stop

Their eyes meet

They start kissing

Plenty of passion



He goes for the neck

Fangs appear in his mouth

He bites her

Draining blood

She screams a bit but

Eventually it is too late because

She dies

He turns into a bat and


The police found the cause of death

For she was a vampire’s prey