Door To My Heart

The door to my heart


Twenty four hours

Seven days

For now

The door to my heart

Come in

Take a look

See me

Who I really am

The door to my heart


No playing around

Not a toy

You’ll be gone

The door to my heart


One day

True love



Becoming a Wolf In a Lions Den on Wall Street

(That Which is) To Herself

I have become like a wolf on Wall Street. I seek stories with unquenchable thirst, rather than deals.

Showing up to a company party in The Trump Building on Wall Street, it unexpectedly ends up being an intimate gathering between coworkers.

Clearly I don’t belong here, but luckily as a journalist I always belong, I always have opportunity with the power of a pen.

Cutting through the fog of internal discomfort is enabled by a goal, to explore the folks of NYC in their habitats. Conveniently, here I am in the ferocious territory of the wolves, I can’t let this one pass me by.

I’m feeling uncomfortable at first being one of the only girls, not to mention the only person who does not work on at this company. Yet my curiosity takes over and I inquire about their workday. Through being a journalist I can become a part of…

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